Grant Instruments is another new exhibitor at the show for 2018.  We caught up with sales manager Lloyd Vivier to find out more about their latest innovations.

Why is Commercial Kitchen an unmissable opportunity for Grant?

It’s a fantastic opportunity to showcase our products to distributors and end users alike.  It’s a platform to get all sorts of people from influencers, directors, sales people, chefs, industry professionals etc all under one roof and have the opportunity to not only show what your product can do but also open up new doors and opportunities without having to do wide spread email marketing campaigns, sales calls and door knocking.  Here everyone comes to you.

What key trends, challenges and opportunities do you think will impact the foodservice industry most in the coming years?

Healthy eating is definitely on the rise and Grant Creative Cuisines sous vide products are a great way to cook perfect portions with minimal loss of product and minimal wastage.  No need for lots of oil and fatty products to be used.  Also, as the cost of powering a commercial kitchen either by gas and/or electricity rises, restaurants and catering establishments are always looking to reduce their carbon footprint as well as cut down those hefty utility bills — and that’s where sous vide cooking can certainly help.

What are you most looking forward to about Commercial Kitchen 2018?

Networking with new and existing customers and friends.  The commercial catering industry is a great family, with many long term business relationships as well as friendships being forged over many years.  It’s also a perfect time to catch up on what’s new in the market and potentially the new big thing.

What key questions should buyers be asking vendors when looking for new products at the show?

Pedigree, Quality, Reliability, Accuracy, Made in Britain and Warranty — as a UK based manufacturer, when customers place an order with Grant Creative Cuisine,  not only are they supporting a local British manufacturer they are also helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint as this reduces the need to import from other countries.

What’s your current bestseller?

The Vortice 200 Immersion Circulator, which chefs seem to love as the accuracy is very precise, easy to use, it’s rugged and consistent.  Couple that with the fact it’s portable and has a 2 year warranty, it seems to tick all the boxes.

What’s your latest new product?

Although not a brand new product the Pasto 26 SS stainless steel unstirred 26 litre water bath is a close second to the Vortice in terms of volume of sales.  As Grant Instruments dates back to 1952 having built a reputation within the scientific industry for quality, reliability and consistency this technology has been applied across our range of products within the Grant Creative Cuisine range.

Grant Instruments is exhibiting on stand K29 at Commercial Kitchen 2018.


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