DC Warewashing & Icemaking Systems is a new exhibitor for 2018.  We caught up with director Bob Wood to find out more about their latest innovations.

Why is Commercial Kitchen an unmissable opportunity for DC Products?

From all we have heard, Commercial Kitchen is a fabulous event that showcases the very latest equipment innovations all under one roof.  Technology and innovation are very important factors we look to when developing our machines, and we are very excited to be a part of the 2018 event.

What key foodservice trends do you think will impact the commercial kitchen industry in the coming years?

A continued focus on energy efficiencies, cost-savings and greatly reduced carbon footprints:
Technological innovations in the warewashing sector have been so significant and fast-paced in recent years that today’s newest machines are almost unrecognisable from previous models, not only in terms of aesthetics but with regards to energy efficiencies, cost-savings and greatly reduced carbon footprints.

Manufacturers are working hard to incorporate such technological advances into the design of their machines by way of features and benefits. Some of the most effective cost-saving and environmentally-friendly features are now standard across the leading manufacturers models.

The lines are becoming blurred in the traditional ‘categorisation’ of dishwashers, as manufacturers respond to the market and customer demand by introducing new ‘hybrid’ warewashers.

For example, in response to the challenges faced by many catering operators in coping with fluctuating levels in demand, DC has introduced the DC Optima OD1450A double-hood pass-through dishwasher which bridges the gap between a single-hood passthrough and a mini-rack conveyor. This intelligent, intuitive machine senses when only one of its two baskets has been loaded and only activates one of its independent washing zones, leaving the other in an energy-saving standby mode. The double-hood passthrough drives down operating and energy costs and further enhances cleaning performance whilst retaining – all in one machine – the capacity of two passthrough dishwashers for high through-put during times of peak demand.

What’s your current bestseller?

Our 400 and 500 basket Standard series glasswashers (SG40, SG50) still remain our most popular models and continue to increase specified with internal softeners.

What’s your latest new product?

A new generation of warewashers has just been launched by DC – The Optima Range.

These machines push the boundaries of technological innovation whilst meeting the key objectives of delivering fast, efficient and affordable cleaning.

In addition to the energy and cost-saving benefits and features above, it has adjustable cycle times, thermo-lock, atmospheric boiler ensuring a constant rinse temperature, adjustable dosing from the control panel and auto self-clean. A 4-Colour ‘traffic light’ approach on the revolutionary TFT control panel gives simple and intuitive information on the status of the machine for operators as well as diagnostics for service engineers.

To take one of the machines as an example the DC’s new double-hood passthrough dishwasher-DC Optima OD1450A helps operators overcome the challenges of fluctuating levels in demand. This intelligent dishwasher, with its two independent washing zones, senses the volume of throughput and activates only one or both washing zones. The second zone, if not required, remains in a standby mode optimising energy, water and chemical consumption.

By fitting a steam heat recovery system to a warewasher, not only is steam and heat removed from the kitchen environment but energy use can be further reduced by up to 25% as the captured steam, generated during the wash cycle, is transformed into the energy required to heat the incoming cold water supply. When fitted to the new double-hood passthrough it maintains a very impressive 2 minute cycle including the steam intake phase at the end of the cycle. This system also eliminates the need to install a separate extraction canopy or condense hood.

What are you most looking forward to about Commercial Kitchen 2018?

As this will be our first time at Commercial Kitchen we are looking forward to showcasing our latest warewashing equipment. Over the last two years we at DC have been minimising the conflict between environmental credentials and cost by deploying energy-saving features across all our ranges of warewashers; thereby offering value for money products with strong energy-saving and green features and benefits for our users. Due to the show’s targeted audience, we are also very much looking forward to meeting and greeting with the right specifiers.

DC Warewashing & Icemaking Systems is exhibiting on stand A25 at Commercial Kitchen 2018.



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