Carpigiani UK is our first exhibitor to be featured in this new series of Q&As.  Here’s sales director Scott Duncan explaining why choosing to exhibit at Commercial Kitchen was a “no-brainer”.

Why is Commercial Kitchen an unmissable opportunity for Carpigiani?

The initial attraction to attend Commercial Kitchen was the feedback we received from speaking with other exhibitors who attended the launch edition, which was extremely positive.  Likewise, at various networking events and other trade shows, I was hearing great things about Commercial Kitchen!  Other sales directors working for equipment manufacturers were raving about the show and said it was not to be missed due to the quality of its visitors/buyers.  The type of visitor it attracts is very much aligned to our strategy moving forward.  We are working more and more with chain and multiple site operators.  To get our equipment in-front of some of the industry’s key buyers is a no-brainer.

What key foodservice trends do you think will impact the commercial kitchen industry in the coming years?

It is already happening, but the foodservice trends that our clients and partners continue to bang on about are that people’s expectation on product quality, level of service and customer experience continues to get higher and higher.  People now expect everything to be top of the game. I am not only talking fine dining or at the higher end, even within casual dining, fast casual and QSR.  The customer wants amazing food “with a story”, where did it come from, why did you choose it, what is different about it?  All served by someone that is top of the game, and served within an environment that delivers that customer experience.

Within the dessert sector we are seeing a number of companies “attacking the space” with various concepts and offers.  There has been a strong increase in dessert lounges, or dessert bars, offering everything from gelato, waffles, crepes, freakshakes, soft serve ice cream, and yogurt to artisan gelato on a stick and gelato pastry.  Single portion desserts, for example, are really on the rise.

What are you most looking forward to about the show?

I’m looking forward to networking with some of the industry greats, bouncing some ideas off people and understanding how others are operating in the UK market.  I love trade shows, with sales and opportunities in our DNA, a strong trade show brings customers to us, rather than us going out to find them.  We are hoping to introduce our products to some new clients and update our existing ones.

What’s your current bestseller?

We have over 150 different models and configurations within our range, and we operate across all foodservice sectors, so we are pretty lucky.  We are also not affected by the weather.  As most people think about Carpigiani during the summer months, yes of course we sell more equipment.  But during those winter months the HORECA sector is strong – hotels and restaurants operate 365 days per year.

In soft serve ice cream, our 191 P SP is the best seller.  That is a countertop soft serve machine for ice cream of frozen yogurt.  It has a pump, so delivers up to 80% over-run (increase of air) and has self-pasteurisation as a feature, meaning the unit does not need to be stripped down for cleaning until day 42, 9 times per year.  Self-pasteurisation helps clients with food safety, delivers a labour saving, and reduces product wastage.

When it comes to Artisan gelato, we have our Labo 8 12e – a counter top batch freezer for the production of artisan gelato and sorbet.  It is perfect for restaurants and delivers 2.5kg of gelato in around 8 minutes.  Chefs are using the labo 8 12e every day, so producing fresh gelato before service.  In the hotel sector, our Maestro is a fantastic seller, with six programmes for gelato and sorbet, two for slush, six for sauces and toppings, six for pastry creams, six for working chocolate, and six for semi freddo and desserts.  It is really is a chef’s best friend.

Any new products you’d like to highlight?

We’re looking to launch a new model of Maestro.  A batch freezer, with hot and cold production programs, for gelato and pastry (as described above) but with an infusion system that will allow chefs and gelato makers to infuse flavours, ingredients and inclusions into the gelato during the production process.


Carpigiani UK is exhibiting on stand H30.  

To register to attend, please visit:

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