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Our Visitors Say…

Commercial kitchens are a minefield at the best of times, so it’s great to be able to get in front of those in the know, all in one place at the same time.  Sense checking all that’s new in the market and being able to compare product innovations directly with the companies that are producing the stuff saves time, headache and removes so much risk.  It’s a great event that we wouldn’t consider missing!

It’s great to have a show dedicated for the commercial kitchen, it’s the most relevant UK show in my calendar.  I continuously look at equipment development, so I’m looking forward to meeting suppliers and seeing the latest innovative equipment in the market.

At Thwaites it’s important to us to have the best equipment for our teams and guests, and events like the Commercial Kitchen show are a great way for us to see and review the latest innovation and technology.  I’m looking forward to picking up new ideas and making new connections with suppliers that I can bring back into the business.

Commercial Kitchen is the ideal place to source the most up-to date kitchen equipment on the market today.  Your kitchen will benefit from all the latest technology here – helping you run an effective and efficient kitchen, saving both time and money.

I really enjoyed attending Commercial Kitchen.  The equipment and size of show was relevant to our business, with some great innovative pieces of equipment on display.  It was also a great opportunity to catch up with suppliers, friends and colleagues.  I look forward to being present at next year’s show.

I enjoyed seeing what the Commercial Kitchen show had to offer, and meeting with various supply partners and potential new ones.  It’s been a long time coming – a show that focuses on the kitchen or back of house, and it was a great opportunity to focus on many differing aspects of the ‘engine room’ of our various food businesses.

The Commercial Kitchen show was a great event to meet and network with suppliers and keep up to date with the latest innovative technology and products. It will only go from strength to strength now each year and will be a calendar event to look forward to.

Relevant, informative and very worthwhile. With several new projects planned this was an excellent opportunity to ensure that we get the best equipment for our business.

As someone who is required to meet high standards under pressure, I require the best equipment to help me achieve my goals. Commercial Kitchen enables me to see the latest tools on the market and get the product knowledge direct from the suppliers.

A great show for the latest catering suppliers, catching up with old and meeting new. It’s well worth a visit.

It was great to attend a show purely dedicated to commercial kitchen equipment.  We are now working with a number of suppliers from the show to design a concept kitchen we can roll out across our 23 hospital kitchens.

I want the best equipment for our teams and customers, so Commercial Kitchen was a good and very relevant show for me.  I look forward to attending again and watching this important event grow over the coming years.

Great show, I really enjoyed it.  It is always important to keep up-to-date with industry improvements and innovations.  Commercial Kitchen was a compact and focused show, and I was able to network with some new and innovative suppliers for the future roll out of our restaurants.

It’s an amazing show and I’m sure it’s going to get bigger and bigger as the years go on.  The quality of the equipment here is phenomenal.

Commercial Kitchen is the ideal show to visit whether it’s to sense check your kitchen equipment against other brands or to find new suppliers of equipment to suit your kitchen needs. A must attend.

Our Exhibitors Say…

Commercial Kitchen was great. We showed the Synergy Grill to some big names like Theo Randall and TGI Friday’s, which goes to show the calibre of buyers there. We’ve already booked for next year.

You get what it says on the tin; dedicated equipment buyers.

Commercial Kitchen was a success for Bournville Catering Equipment with a fantastic quality of visitor at the show. The organisers were great from start to finish!

What a great show! It truly illustrates how hard everyone is working to make our industry better.

At long last a trade show where the right companies are exhibiting and the right people are attending – really great!

Commercial Kitchen was a great opportunity for Manitowoc Foodservice and has definitely been a success for the team. The show not only provided an excellent quality of visitors throughout both days but was perfect for giving them further insight into our products, as well as gaining further brand recognition within the industry.

We had a great couple of days at Commercial Kitchen and met with many quality customers. There was a great mix of visitors from all sides of the business, which gave us a great opportunity to spend quality time with them. We have created many new opportunities for our partners and the FRIMA UK team as a result of attending.

Commercial Kitchen was a success.  It was something the industry wanted and supported well in their attendance.  We met many new faces at the event that we would not have come across otherwise and further established our relationship with existing partners.  In summary, it was a great event for Ascentia.

Commercial Kitchen provided us with a dedicated focus for the equipment market and put us in front of our customers – both current and future.  We hope to see the show with a place in the industry for many years to come and look forward to attending in 2017.

Commercial Kitchen exceeded our expectations.  We’ve reinforced our message to existing and potential customers, and there was a very good trade demographic, with a lot of positive feedback, leads and opportunities.

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